Tapfiliate Review: Best Affiliate Tracking Software for SAAS Companies

Affiliate marketing is the technique of marketing where a person refers someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on the recommendation, the affiliate receives a commission. The affiliate has to use a product then promote it to earn a piece of the profit from each sale the brand makes. The sales are generally tracked through affiliate links from one website to another. This is the oldest form of marketing known to exist. The confusion between affiliate marketing and referral marketing is quite usual but the main difference between these two forms of marketing is that the latter involves targeting your own customers to promote your business and the former involves third party influencers to promote your business. Affiliate marketing proves to be more effective as you do not require to have a large subscriber base. This is because the affiliates are the third party users you do not need to be convinced about your product. In order to earn a commission, they would go that extra mile to personally vouch for your product before the potential users. Most often affiliate marketing starts with the people referring to their known circle, so the overall conversion ratio is one of the highest if all forms of marketing are considered. With lucrative offers, deals, and rewards affiliate marketing has the most effective impact on the reputation of the Brand.

Why You Need an Affiliate Tracking Software?

Most often in various techniques of marketing, ensuring optimal performance requires tracking of several key factors at a continuous rate such as audience segmentation, email frequency to all your users, offers based on demography or locality, creation of referral codes and trackable custom referral links, many more. This involves investment of a lot of time and effort. It becomes more difficult when done manually if efficiency at scale is to be maintained. Facilitating your workload and making the entire process seamless have to be done by automating the process, using customized affiliate marketing software tools. Affiliate marketing works best when the responsibilities of product marketing and creation are spread across parties. It utilizes the capabilities of different individuals for a more effective marketing strategy while providing contributors with a share of the profit.

Tapfiliate Review: Product Features

Tapfiliate is one of the most popular affiliate marketing tools in the market right now. It is a fully customizable affiliate tracking solution. Businesses can use this tool in their own brand to provide affiliates with a consistent, highly automated and seamless user experience. On top of that, the software provides companies with the many tools they would need to comprehensively manage their affiliate partners. Publishers are also offered the various means and channels that they would require to promote the products and services to their audiences, such as a very well laid out dashboard and a suite of reporting tools to allow them to keep track of their performances.

The platform has several payout methods, as well, to give businesses the flexibility in giving incentives to their partners. With Tapfiliate, merchants can create a custom commission structure & automate the payout process to their affiliates.

By our use of Tapfiliate we could list out the following advantages of it over the other similar tools available in the market.

  • Easy Set-Up – It does not take long to set-up the account, as there are no complicated installation instructions. All users have to do is integrate the software with their existing e-commerce shop, streamline their affiliate program and commission structure, add content for partners to use, and invite target affiliates to the platform. This way, they can start using the power of affiliate marketing within hours of setting up their account.
  • Customizable Commission Structure – In Tapfiliate, commission structures are very flexible. This lets businesses apply their pre-existing arrangements with affiliates or customize a new one. Additionally, the platform supports recurring commissions payout, so that businesses do not have to manually pay the commission to their affiliates every month.
  • Affiliate Referral Program – The special multi-level marketing program by Tapfiliate enables merchants to motivate affiliates who refer to new potential users. This immensely helps in the growth of the network as well as in the expansion of the business’ reach.
  • Speedy Content Delivery – Amazon CloudFront integrates with Tapfiliate to deliver banners across the world. The presence of low latency coupled with lightning-fast data transfer speeds, affiliates get access to advertisers’ content in an instant.
  • Publisher Tools – Affiliates along with the sellers are provided with tools for successful marketing campaigns. Tapfiliate provides them with access to a feature-rich dashboard where relevant information is displayed to them immediately. The reporting tools allow the affiliates to measure their success.
  • Language Support – The Tapfiliate dashboard is available in several languages to enable partners across the globe to get around the program with ease in their native languages.
  • Fully Customizable User Interface – Tapfiliate enables advertisers to have access to a customized affiliate program that can be tracked. The platform’s interface is designed in such way that it can be customized intricately such as the affiliate sign-up page, for an overall pleasant experience.

Use of Tapfiliate Across Industry Segments

Tapfiliate can be used across various digital industry segments, including SaaS, e-commerce, Online Travel, edutech, food tech, hospitality and many more.

Tapfiliate Pricing Plans

Tapfiliate has a monthly billing system across its 3 plans, they have a 14 day trial period within which you can try out the Tapfiliate Essential and Pro plans for free during your 14-day free trial. You can however freely canceled, upgrade and downgrade during your trial period without being charged a single penny. On top of the trial period, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which starts right after your free trial period has expired, this is to ensure that even after the free trial period if you are not happy with Tapfilliate and its services, you can get your money back. You can have a read through their refund policy for more detailed information.

The Basic plan also is known as the Essential Plan starts at $69 per month

You can get access to the following features only

  • Full 2-way API & webhooks
  • Customizable cookie time
  • Automation (Zapier, webhooks, emails)
  • Recurring commissions
  • Advanced social sharing
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Item/category based commissions
  • Coupons
  • SEPA payout exports
  • Banner impressions – 1000000
  • Banner impressions overage fee (per 1000) – 0.09
  • Clicks – 200000
  • Clicks overage fee (per 1000) – $0.45
  • Conversions – 75000
  • Conversions overage fee (per 1000) – $0.70
  • Affiliates – 1000
  • Team members – 1

The Next plan is known as the Pro Plan starts at $149 per month

You can get access to the following features

  • All the features of the Essential Plan
  • Custom domain
  • Bonus incentives
  • Multi-domain
  • Lifetime commissions by Email/UUID
  • Custom fields
  • Banner impressions – 2500000
  • Banner impressions overage fee (per 1000) – 0.07
  • Clicks – 500000
  • Clicks overage fee (per 1000) – $0.35
  • Conversions – 250000
  • Conversions overage fee (per 1000) – $0.60
  • Affiliates – 10000
  • Team members – 5

The most premium plan is known as the Enterprize Plan in which you will get all the features and a custom experience, and the prices are also according to your requirements, specifically designed towards corporates and established startups

You can get access to the following features

  • All the features of the Essential Plan
  • All the features of the Pro Plan
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Premium support
  • Customer success manager
  • Custom verbiage
  • MLM sales goals
  • Banner impressions – Unlimited
  • Banner impressions overage fee (per 1000) – Custom
  • Clicks – Unlimited
  • Clicks overage fee (per 1000) – Custom
  • Conversions – Unlimited
  • Conversions overage fee (per 1000) – Custom
  • Affiliates – Unlimited
  • Team members – Unlimited

Tapfiliate Review: Dashboard Overview

The dashboard of Tapfiliate is really very well laid out and thoughtfully designed. It is very easy to use, and most of the time you will surely find the button that you are looking for in not more than 2-3 clicks. The user experience has been carefully thought of such that each feature or function is found exactly where you would expect it to be. The plethora of customization options and the effortless manner of creating highly targeted campaigns will surely make you feel that you have gone for the right tool for the job. The advanced analytic features and the advanced graphical reports reporting interface will help you to easily analyze your existing campaigns so that you can optimize them even further.

Tapfiliate Review: Signup Process

The signup process at Tapfiliate is a very standard process flow which you need to go through before you arrive at your dashboard. The first step is a basic form that asks you to key in your name, work email (personal emails work as well) and choose a password. There is no one tap login option like login with Facebook, google or shopify. Once you complete this step. The next step is where you have to mandatorily add your card details, both credit and debit cards are allowed. The 14 day trial period starts off immediately during which you will not be charged a dime. After the trial period is over you enter a 30 day money back period in which if you are not satisfied with Tapfiliate, you can cancel your subscription and get a full refund. The next step would be a form, asking you about your primary focus in your campaign and then gradually you will get to your dashboard by answering a few more questions aimed at customizing your experience. The interface is highly focussed on making you choose a template and quickly get on with the campaign. Before you know it you will be in the dashboard already working on your first campaign. You will be able to experience the entire process of making a campaign from scratch.

Tapfiliate Review: USPs, Pro Tip, and Advantages

Tapfiliate has all the features you need to grow your business with affiliate marketing. It is super easy to use and highly advanced and powerful under the hood. Some of Tapfiliate’s best features include :

  • Viral Marketing Features – Tapfiliate makes it very easy for you to grow your social media presence across the web with rich, engaging content. It allows you to
  • White Labelled Marketing – Build white-labelled affiliate pages that sync with your brand and domain perfectly. Even personalized emails become a breeze to write in your own voice.
  • Easy Integrations with Various platforms and services – 34 Super easy copy/paste integrations, including Zapier.
  • Provide your Affiliates with Recurring benefits – Attract top influencers by linking a customer to an affiliate using Tapfiliate’s Lifetime Commissions feature, and automatically send them benefits each time a customer renews or repurchases a product or a service.
  • Provide your Affiliates with Performance Bonus – You can boost your sales by creating lucrative bonuses. Set targets for your affiliates like, on the number of conversions or conversion amount to motivate them and automatically provide them the bonus benefits.
  • Automate your entire affiliate management workflow – Tapfiliate lets you easily set up triggered emails, webhooks, and automation using the Zapier app. Make your life easy with a scalable and automatable platform.

There are tons of other features to make your affiliate marketing as seamless as possible.

  • Give personal referral links and coupons
  • Manage banners and other brand materials
  • Create shareable social media posts for affiliates
  • Create affiliate tiers
  • Set performance bonuses
  • Team commissions
  • Lifetime commissions
  • Award one-time commissions (e-commerce)
  • Award monthly commissions (Subscription/SaaS)
  • Fixed or percentage-based commissions
  • Per category/product commissions
  • Automate your workflows
  • Approve commissions manually or automate it
  • Give affiliates a branded dashboard
  • Your brand on your links
  • Six supported affiliate languages
  • Custom sign up fields & payout methods

Tapfiliate Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Deals

Tapfiliate Alternatives and Competitors List

Here is a list of referral marketing platforms that reviewers voted best overall compared to Tapfiliate. Just perform a basic online search yourself and check reviews from current and previous users of these products, and find the one that best fits your needs.

  • Post Affiliate Pro
  • Influitive
  • Refersion
  • GrowSurf
  • ShareSomeFriends
  • InviteBox
  • TUNE
  • Refersion
  • PeerFly
  • iDevAffiliate
  • AdCheck


Affiliate marketing is the perfect tool to earn enough revenue by focusing on performance-based options. A motivated affiliate marketer always tries to achieve a passive income without worrying about producing their own product or service. This will create a seamless connection between sellers and affiliate marketers. It can prove to be an effective way to meet your income goals depending on the influence of the affiliates. Affiliate marketing through reviews, blogs, social media, and other platforms is a simple process to execute. As discussed thoroughly in the above article: Tapfiliate is one of the most popular affiliate marketing software available in the market. If you are up to spread your products across a wide range and quickly, start your journey today with Tapfiliate.

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