How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Free in 2022?

Affiliate marketing is where affiliates promote another company’s products or services in return for commissions that you generate, which is generally a percentage of the sale price but can also be a fixed amount. One of the primary reasons why people choose affiliate marketing is because it has both low costs and low risks. All you really need is a website. It is quite easy to scale and as an affiliate marketer, you can promote products from different companies and earn commissions from all of them. In this article, you will learn how to start affiliate marketing for free.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Free in 2022?

Here you have a guide on how to start affiliate marketing for free.

1. Choose a Niche:

Choosing a niche is one of the most important parts of your affiliate marketing effort. The wrong niche can make it difficult to sell and the right niche can make it easy. To begin with, you must do a short assessment. As an affiliate marketer, you must be a reliable advocate of the product or brand. You need to ask questions about the topics that you are passionate about, if people search for your chosen niche if the demand for the niche will be consistent, and if there is a lot of competition in your niche. These will help you figure out if the product is something you should promote regularly.

2. Create a Content Calendar:

Make yourself a content calendar. Map out what content you will make on which date and when you will post them or send the content. Make sure you adhere to this calendar and plan so that you can stay consistent with your effort.

3. Start Creating Content:

In a lot of ways, the Internet is just a collection of content and if you do not make valuable contributions to it, people will not come to you. There are a lot of kinds of content that you can create and it will boil down to what interests you the most. As an affiliate marketer, you can consider doing blog posts, product reviews, and guides.  

4. Setup Social Media Accounts:

You must have social media accounts and make sure they are all interlinked. You must make sure that all of your social media accounts are updated regularly, follow the same aesthetic, and have good content. 

5. Signup with Affiliates and Networks:

There are various affiliate networks for niche products and they have high payouts too. The ones with high payouts tend to have more competition and it could be challenging if you are just starting out. There are also affiliate programs that have low payouts but mass appeal.

Which affiliate program you join is dependent on your niche and expertise.  

6. Create Infographics for Best Performing Content:

If you want your affiliate program to succeed, you must create high-quality content. It is common knowledge that content that is paired with infographics has a better chance of a conversion. Follow up on the content you have already posted and make good quality infographics for the best-performing content. 

7. Add Signup Buttons with Affiliate Links:

With your affiliate links, add sign-up buttons for the websites of whichever products or services you sell. These help in making sure that the sale that is made because of you is conveniently tracked and recorded.

8. Update Your Existing Content:

You must always update the existing content. As time goes on, the brands will definitely make some changes and additions. You must add it to your content too so that your content is up-to-date and no information is missed out.


There are just some fundamentals, which if you apply, will help you start your affiliate marketing on the right foot. You must know that affiliate marketing takes time. You must be focused on your first affiliate sale. Once your site starts growing, you must set new goals and continue with experimentation. Follow our guide on how to start affiliate marketing for free and create a good income for yourself.

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