10 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses to Try in 2022

There are several new players who have entered the game and lack the expertise required to make sure of affiliate marketing. Users are tired of the tried and tested techniques, so new practices are constantly arising, which makes it important to evolve with the ecosystem. There are several affiliate marketing newbies who just give up when they find out that it is not enough to just write a few product reviews and push your campaign with Facebook ads. There are several more methods that successful affiliate marketers can apply. Some techniques that an affiliate marketing expert deals with are- content marketing, native advertising, influencers marketing, and SEO. To make money, you have to continually build and improve on your strategy by constantly upgrading your knowledge and skills. Here, we have a list of the best affiliate marketing courses you can take to boost your profits.

Why Should You Take an Affiliate Marketing Course? 

Today, Google values high-quality pages that come from powerful and authoritative domains that will rank for all the long-tail variations. The challenge with paid ads is that one ad will not stay alive and profitable forever and ads will reach ad exhaustion, which means that too many people would have seen and gotten tired of seeing it, so the click-through rates will witness a major drop. So, there is an incessant process of battling ad costs and your return on investment, killing underperforming ads, and then creating new ads. You have to take risks with paid ads. If there is not enough conversion percentage, you will lose money with each click, but if you master creating top-performing ads that convert, you will have the ability to generate traffic. You must undoubtedly take a course on affiliate marketing because it helps acquire new valuable skills. Other reasons for the same are:

  • 1. It makes for a good source of passive income. 
  • 2. You can work from anywhere you want. 
  • 3. It is an incredibly convenient and flexible option. 
  • 4. You get to sell whatever you want. 
  • 5. In comparison to other businesses, it is easy to get started with affiliate marketing and it is cost-effective. 
  • 6. It involves very low risks. 
  • 7. The popularity of affiliate marketing is increasing.
  • 8. It provides a great opportunity to scale your business. 
  • 9. It provides access to unlimited markets and products. 
  • 10. It allows you to earn more than the vendor or the merchant, and it lets you operate in more than just one niche. 

​​10 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses to Try in 2022

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start an online business. You must definitely take affiliate marketing courses and learn this skill.

1. Beginner Affiliate Marketing Course by Udemy

This course will help you become an affiliate marketing in just one day. The course share various tips for ones who wish to start their affiliate marketing journey. This is a great course for beginners. This course will teach you:

  • How to set up a website and get started
  • How to choose an affiliate network that you can make profits with
  • How to market products with SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and paid advertising
  • What CPC, CPA, affiliate cookies, back-end commissions and other concepts are. 

This course will cost you $39.99. But, there are various discounts and offers that run on Udemy. So, you could get it for cheaper.

2. Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Mastery 2021 by Udemy

This is one of the best selling courses on Facebook advertising on Udemy. This is not suited for just affiliate marketers but anyone who wishes to get started or master the advanced practices to manage and optimise Facebook ads. This course teaches you:

  • How to create a sales funnel on Facebook
  • How to manage your Facebook ad account
  • How to do split testing
  • How to set up Facebook Pixel, Standard Events, and Custom Conversions
  • How to manage Lead generation ads, landing page conversion ads, local business ads, and message ads.
  • How to master Facebook algorithms
  • How to scale Facebook ads and more. 

This is a great course irrespective of the experience level you have. The course will cost you $94.99.

3. The Complete Native Advertising Course by Joinative

This is the best course if you do not wish to waste time trying to appeal recurring ad rejections or Facebook ad account bans. Native advertising has become popular, and marketers wish to add native advertising to their mix of promotional channels. This ten-hour long course covers:

  • Tips, examples, and best practices for affiliate marketers
  • Benchmarks and insights into running campaigns in specific industries
  • Overviews of top native ad platforms with lessons by their representatives
  • Deep insights into the process of performance analysis, optimisation, and scaling
  • How to set up custom tracking, reporting and optimisation systems 

This course is absolutely perfect irrespective of the experience and knowledge you have.

4. The Complete Shopify Amazon Affiliate Course by Udemy

This is a four-hour long course that will help marketers start making profits using Shopify. Their course covers:

  • How to set up your Shopify account and navigate it
  • How to choose your Shopify plan
  • How to choose a product
  • How to write reviews
  • How to optimise product review page, product comparison page, and homepage for search engines
  • How to promote your content with the help of link-building, email outreach, and social media marketing
  • How to use tools that help you improve the processes and boost profits

You do not need any experience with Shopify to take this course. The cost of this course is $89.99, and it is good for any level.

5. ClickBank Success- Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

You do not need a strongly built website to earn money as an affiliate marketer, and you just have to nail ClickBank. This course is taught by an SEO expert, KC Tan, and he teaches businesses how to build and grow websites and also talks about the best practices to promote ClickBank products. The course covers:

  • How to create a new ClickBank account and solve possible issues
  • How to pick the right products to sell
  • How you choose the right traffic sources
  • Traffic generation
  • How to drive sales with low investment
  • How to create ads
  • Keyword generation
  • Lead capturing
  • Lead nurturing
  • How to market a Facebook page. 

The full price of this course is $129.99, and this will take three hours to complete. This course is perfect for people from beginner to intermediate level.

6. YouTube Affiliate Marketing Mastery 2.0 by Udemy

Everyone knows that promoting affiliate products on YouTube is very effective, but YouTube has its own set of challenges for marketers. This course by Bryan Guerra helps students avoid the most common mistakes and shares insights into getting their own channel started on YouTube. He also helps get the right affiliate program, make and upload videos, and drive traffic to the channel. The full price for this course is $99.99, and it is a thirteen-hour long course. It is perfect for beginners.

7. The Affiliate Lab Course

This course is taken by Matt Diggity, an SEO influencer, conference keynote speaker, and affiliate marketer. He created Affiliate Lab to share the learning he collected over the decade by building and selling high-traffic websites. With this course, you will learn how to create affiliate websites that rank well in high competition, affiliate niches and drive conversions. After you take this course, you will master SEO, content creation, CRO, brand building, and more. You also get to access their  bonus content like:

  • Rock Solid Foundations for SEO Success
  • An exclusive Members-only Facebook Group
  • CRO Masterclass
  • The ‘Legally Steal Your Competitors Featured Snippets’ Masterclass
  • The Authority Blueprint
  • The Insider Keys To Selling Your Site for Maximum Profit
  • The Link-Building Outreach Masterclass
  • The Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass. 

This will cost you $997, and it is a tad expensive. However, this will help you avoid months of trial and error which would have cost you way more than the price of this course.

8. The Authority Site System 3.0

This course has been defined as a complete step-by-step training course to build highly profitable authority sites from the ground up. This course has 15 modules and over a hundred and eighty video lessons that explain the entire process of building a strong affiliate website. While you take the course, you will see how a real website is built from scratch with the use of the system that is introduced in the program. The modules in this course are:

  • The Authority Site Business Model 101
  • Finding Niches
  • Qualifying Niches
  • Site planning
  • Site set up
  • Branding
  • Building Posts and Pages
  • Creating information content
  • Writing, optimising and publishing content
  • Initial Link-Building
  • Affiliate setup
  • Advanced Tactics

They also share templates for each of the covered sections in the course, which includes niche research, design, link-building, and content creation. The course will cost you $599.


With affiliate marketing, you can earn commission by promoting various offers, usually in the big niches. You do not have to deal with the clients, have automated payments, and you will be able to scale with paid ads. Taking any of these best affiliate marketing courses will help you upskill, be more employable and earn more money. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn some passive income, and in these uncertain times, it is smart to have a side hustle set up. Take the best affiliate marketing courses to help you set up your side hustle.

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