10 Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Links in 2022

Affiliate marketing requires no investment like ecommerce businesses do overhead, and does not even need a team to fulfill orders. All you need to do is talk about the products that you already use and love and the brand that you promote does the rest. This is the reason why affiliate marketing has become so popular among creators. The best part about affiliate marketing is that there is a lot of money and none of it is tied to making and delivering your products. 

You cannot be expecting people to just buy products you promote. You need to do a lot of upfront promotion to get people interested in what you write or talk about. You also need to remember that you will only make an affiliate commission if you are actively promoting your affiliate links. In this article, we have spoken of some of the best ways to promote your affiliate links.  

How to Promote Affiliate Links in 2022?

When you share your affiliate links, you need to make sure that you have done some solid upfront work on them before sharing links. You have to show that the product you are promoting is adding value to your life and will thus, add value to their lives too. You must:

  1. Figure out what topics go well with the company you are promoting
  2. Strategize how to drive views
  3. Authentically share with your audience how the product can be helpful.

You need to be strategic about how you promote affiliate links. You cannot just make on video on YouTube or add the link to one newsletter and expect a lot. In reality, you have to combine at least a couple of these strategies and not be focused on just one, because it will be hard to get just one of these strategies to drive high volume for a big payout. If you promote your affiliate links in your podcasts, articles, newsletters, and such, you are creating more traffic, which creates more conversions and leads.

10 Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Links in 2022

One of the best ways to look to the promotion of affiliate links is that more traffic will lead to more conversion opportunities and hence, more affiliate sales. Here is a list of the best ways to promote affiliate links to get more affiliate sales. 

1. Website or Blogs: 

Your website, blog article, or newsletters that have been published on your landing page or website are read by an audience of people who love to read about your insights, perspectives, and the tools that you use as a creator- and it makes for a great starting point to promote your affiliate links. Bloggers can promote affiliate links directly in your blog posts by linking them as backlinks, adding graphics with an outbound affiliate link, and embedding your videos with a promotion for that link. Show your audience the benefit of the product and show them how much it has helped you and how it can help if they have a specific challenge problem.  

2. Emails: 

Your email list generally has people who have already subscribed to see your content and wish to see it. This is an indication of how much they care about what you are up to and how you are doing it. Imagine the creators that you follow online, and learning how they have set up their business, how they ideate content, and what their creative process is interesting. So, the subscribers will think similarly about your emails too. 

When you promote affiliate links on emails, there are two ways to go about it. You can write emails that center around the product you promote like you would during a product launch, or you can promote the link organically in the content that you were sending anyway. You can choose to use both of these strategies to get maximum exposure for your affiliate link. If you build an email list, it would not only give you another channel to market your affiliate links but will also give you a kind of ownership over your audience. Social algorithms are regularly changing, but emails will be delivered to each of your subscribers and no algorithm would change that.

3. Quora


On Quora, direct linking to affiliate orders is not allowed. If you answer with affiliate links, it would be considered spam and it will be deleted. If you post direct affiliate links, your account can get suspended, and even banned. But, this does not mean that you cannot promote your affiliate offers. You just have to do it indirectly. 

What you must do is direct your readers to a blog post or page which contains your affiliate promotions. This would be an efficient way to promote your affiliate link without the risk of a ban. Quora is an excellent place to show your expertise. The question and answer format are ideal to advice on real-life problems and as your followers increase, it becomes easier to achieve success in affiliate marketing on Quora.

4. YouTube: 


YouTube video is one of the most dynamic ways to show your audience how you use the product that you are promoting. These videos can also be embedded in your blogs, and emails, and would show your audience why you love the said product. This would be an excellent way to repurpose your content to make sure it gets the most number of views and you do not have to create an entirely new piece of content every time you promote your affiliate link. Videos are a dynamic way of sharing product recommendations. You can promote your affiliate links in your YouTube videos by sharing screenshots, screen recordings, and much of how to use the said product and it would increase the number of people who trust your recommendation to sign up to use it. You can add the affiliate link in your description and mention it a couple of times in the video. 

5. Facebook Group:

Facebook groups are great because they allow you to get a very targeted audience. For example, you are trying to promote an airline agency. You can find hundreds of Facebook groups with people who are interested in traveling and would thus be potential buyers of the said product. However, you should not join all the groups and span links everywhere, because you would get banned as it would violate the group’s rules. Direct promotion of affiliate links on the Facebook group is just not the way to go.

If you promote indirectly, you will have more chances of success. In our earlier example, when you promote an airline agency, you can write an article about air travel or how to find tickets for cheap. Most Facebook groups allow you to post links to blog articles and if people read the said blogs, they will have a better chance of buying from the affiliate link. Also, you can use this opportunity to widen your email list with some freebies.

6. Instagram: 


Affiliate marketing on Instagram has paved the way for brands and influencers to work together creatively. Instagram is the #1 social media platform used by brands for their influencer campaigns. Almost 30% of the top posts on Instagram come from influencers or brand ambassadors and they are dominating the game when it comes to user-generated content.

One of the best ways to get your traffic to convert to sales is to let your followers know that they can shop the products you use. You can make a page that has all of your shoppable Instagram photos with your product information, and with one click, followers can click through the store.

You can use exclusive coupon codes too, as it has more draw because the discount is better than the normal coupon code. Make sure that your blog posts work alongside your Instagram posts. Sponsored posts can be an excellent way to target your audience to specific demographics. You can also run a paid search on your Instagram page via Google Adwords.  

7. Whatsapp: 


People on WhatsApp groups are generally more active than people on other platforms, which makes WhatsApp a prime tool for affiliate marketing to earn high commissions. The commission rate on WhatsApp is also higher than on other platforms. 

One of the easiest ways to do it is to create a WhatsApp group and add relevant users to such groups. You can then post your links to these groups. 

8. Reddit: 


Marketing on Reddit is not easy because constantly pushing promotions can get you some major backlash. Reddit is known for having a polarised audience. Like most internet communities, self-promotions can be frowned upon on Reddit, so it is important to get the right strategy in place before you post a promotion. If you place direct affiliate links on Reddit, your account can be banned. So, you need to take on a creative approach to direct traffic from Reddit to your affiliate orders. 

What you can do is set up a landing page to direct traffic from Reddit to your blogs and you can have your affiliate links placed on your blogs. You can also use paid advertisements to direct paid traffic from Reddit.

9. Tiktok: 


You cannot directly add affiliate links to your videos, but you can get around this to promote brands on TikTok. You may have to upgrade to a business account so that you can place clickable links in your profile. If you are an affiliate for various companies and are promoting various products, you might have to change your affiliate link in your bio all the time. This can be a tiring task, so what you can do is create a different landing page for your affiliate links.
Another thing that you can do is redirect your traffic to a website, latest blog post, or social media from your TikTok to monetize the traffic. 


If you wish to add the affiliate commission to your income or if you wish for it to just be the majority of it, learning how to be a good affiliate marketer is just the first step. You have to learn how to promote your affiliate links in your blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media posts, and such because it is the best way to build your commission. You must be authentically promoting the products that you love and use, so your audience would be happy with your recommendations and you will be able to successfully grow your affiliate arm. You follow our list of the best ways to promote affiliate links and get good results.

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