10 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Tools: 2022

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make an income online. Using it, companies can advertise their products via an affiliate in exchange for a commission. In comparison to traditional marketing, this gives a higher audience reach for lesser costs and risks. However, the creation of a successful affiliate marketing program needs a lot of strategizing and affiliate marketing software tools. Here are some of the best affiliate marketing tracking software tools that will help you oversee and expand your initiatives. 

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Tools?

Here are some of the things you must consider when selecting the best affiliate marketing tracking software tools:

  1. User-friendly UI: The dashboard must give you an overview of your campaigns, the progress, and more. You must be able to see your earnings and easily access shareable content. It must also be customizable.
  2. SaaS integration: Integration with ecommerce platforms is an important part of affiliate marketing platforms. You must find one that instantly sets up the applications that you use.
  3. Reports and tracking: The software must track clicks and sales in real-time and must let you see which campaigns are doing well and which need more work. They must send detailed overviews and reports.
  4.  Customer support: These must be customer assistance that is always available.
  5. Price: Some tools are great for small companies that have a small budget and some tools will be more beneficial with their advanced features. 
  6. Click time: Make sure that the click processing time is 5ms irrespective of the server load.
  7. Updates: It must have large-scale automated updates every few months. 

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Tools

These are some of the best affiliate marketing tracking software tools that will help you with all your tracking needs.

1.  PartnerStack: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software


This is the only partnerships platform built for B2B SaaS that supports affiliate, referral, and reseller channel partners to drive recurring revenue. PartnerStack lets you run multiple partner programs side-by-side, with conversion types tailored to the most common types of partner programs. It gives partners custom links that automatically track every conversion and allows you to refer leads through PartnerStack, synced straight to your CRM.

2.  Tapfiliate: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software


Tapfiliate is an affiliate tracking software for E-Commerce and SaaS that integrates seamlessly with your site in just minutes. It helps you easily create, track and grow your affiliate marketing programs. It helps easily onboard affiliates and gives them everything they need to promote your business in their personal, branded, affiliate dashboard. It lets you control your messaging and grow your business with social content. It helps easily track performance and gain insights into what is moving the needle for your affiliate program.

3.  Getambassador: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software


With Ambassador, B2C and B2B brands can now rapidly implement and own the entire experience with features like simple website integration, branded share links, a Visual Editor to design and update your program in real-time, and turnkey dashboards for your brand ambassadors to see their results. It allows you to manage all of your ambassadors, monitor key performance indicators, and optimize your referral program to boost brand awareness and drive revenue — in real-time.

4.  Postaffiliatepro: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software


Postaffiliatepro helps manage multiple affiliate programs, track affiliate partner performance, assign commissions, and issue payouts on one platform. It helps keep track of all affiliate partner performance, engagements, qualified leads, and conversion rates.

5.  Everflow: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software


Everflow helps you track every channel, consolidate your reporting, and amplify your performance. It allows you to track users when they reach your website, each view and view-through attribution, offline-to-online sources and partners, and performance from every mobile partner. It also auto-generates tracking URLs for influencers to promote.

6.  Osiaffiliate: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software


OSI Affiliate Software has all the right tools to allow your customers to easily promote your brand across all their favorite social networks. By enabling social sharing, you can easily add pre-written posts with graphics for your customers to share on all the major social networks. You can provide your customers with promo codes to increase sales. Also, by using promo codes, you will allow Instagram influencers to promote your offers. To find out who your most loyal customers are, they have included a free survey tool. The survey tool will ask customers how likely they are to refer to their friends and family. Based on their response, you can automatically sign them up for your referral program.

7.  Refersion: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software


With Refersion, you can manage and track your ambassador, influencer, and affiliate marketing programs with ease. They offer SKU-level tracking for royalty commissions, coupon tracking for Instagram, and customer emails for lifetime commissions. It helps you create custom campaigns and track the key performance indicators.

8.  iDevAffiliate: Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software


iDevAffiliate has become best known for its ease of use and includes thousands of features dedicated to all levels of users. Adding affiliate software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales, more traffic, and better SEO. It offers efficient coupon code tracking and allows you to monitor affiliate referred leads with the option to commission them. It helps offer affiliates the ability to utilize their database of marketers. It also offers custom keyword tracking via which affiliates can split test thousands of link variations.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Tools

The best affiliate marketing tracking software tools will help you easily manage, scale, and optimize your ad campaigns. There are several advantages of using affiliate marketing tracking software tools like:

The software does all of the calculations for you, so there are no accounting hassles.

The software collects all the data and allows you to use it.

It does away with the hassle of getting links to affiliate websites. The software generates ads with embedded links.


Affiliate marketing platforms are vendors that facilitate all the bases of affiliate program management which includes tracking, onboarding, reporting, sales, and more. The best affiliate marketing tracking software tools will effectively track all your clicks, sales, earnings, and more and will send you detailed reports of the same to keep you in touch with all your metrics.

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