Use PST.NET to fight the risk payment 

Affiliates met difficulties due to thorough FB payment cards’ verification in 2022. These checks led to multiple bans due to the risk payment reason.

Let us tell more about how the PST.NET service updating may reduce the ban probability due to insufficiently «pure» BIN and where to get cards, accepted by any service.

Get acquainted with the PST.NET 

The PST.NET is a major financial service for payment cards issuance in virtual format. These cards pass all the antifraud checks and operate with all the advertising platforms.

Main PST.NET Advantages:
  • All the cards possess physical equivalents and are issued in virtual format.
  • «Pure» and exclusive BINs only.
  • Minimum commission size.
  • Affiliate program.

PST.NET and Risk Payment

groundbreaking solution

In order to fight against ban, especially risk payment it’s insufficient to use a private proxy, anti-detect browsers, and other technical means. There is one more factor despite the IP and browser’s fingerprints, that is often overlooked. This is the «purity» of the payment card BIN.

The first 6 numbers of each card feature its BIN. It allows detecting the card’s type, class, and the bank that issued it. If some banks’ cards are actively applied for black affiliate promotion, their trustworthiness drops.

As soon as you link the card to the AC, its BIN is checked by the automatic antifraud. If the cards with such a BIN possess high first bills percent, abandoned accounts, and black hat / grey hat advertising, an account may be imposed by restrictions: payment risk, low daily spending limit, slow billing threshold growth, etc. 

What to do?

To correct the situation, apply either the premium banks’ cards or exclusive BINs. In the first case, you get cards, that minimum affiliate marketers percentage cooperate with, and they feature no negative statistics. In the second case, you get cards, that antifraud has actually no questions.

Where to find such cards?

The possibility to find such cards was unpredictable until recently. The PST.NET team changed the situation greatly. The service issues cards, that pass all the antifraud’s checks. If your work requires 3D-secure cards – such also may be issued in your PST personal account.

No limits

All the platform’s clients may use the unlimited cards amount. Their issue takes 1-2 minutes. There are no limits. Foreign currency accounts (USD); EUR will also soon be available. 

Changed Payment Model 

Unlimited number of cards

The payment model has significantly changed. The topping up commission now starts from 2,9%. Use USDT and BTC for topping up and USDT for withdrawal. The service still has no hidden commissions and additional payments.

Updated Referral Program 

After your referral issues the first payment card, you’ll get 5$. You will be also paid 30% per each additional card’s issuance cost, and 10% – from each paid transaction cost.

Updated Interface 

The updated interface is now available in 13 languages. It became more convenient. Now new clients will have no challenges with it. Competent users may get access to the whole set of professional instruments.
Telegram-bot was also added for service notifications sending. Besides, the functional testing is held for the team job.


The PST.NET platform still guarantees payment card BINs’ purity. They easily pass multiple antifraud’s checks. Aside from ordinary cards, PST.NET offers 3D-secure solutions.
Visit PST.NET to register in the system. The support team is ready to answer all your questions about the service’s operation.

Coupon For Affiliate Marketing Professionals

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