10 Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs: 2022

There are several ways in which you can monetize your traffic or audience. Some of your options are using display advertising, affiliate links, or even Cost Per Action offers, but you could also consider using pay-per-call affiliate programs. These are very profitable and a lot of them have massive payouts. 

In PPC, all affiliate marketing brands pay the networks or publishers to generate calls that lead to the purchase of products or services. The affiliates make messages, ads, or posts that encourage customers to contact the brand. When the lead calls, the brands pay the affiliate something for the direction of calls that leads directly to them. Several brands use affiliates to drive traffic via pay-per-click advertising. Here is a list of the best pay-per-call affiliate programs.

How to Choose the Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs?

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best pay-per-call affiliate programs:

  1. Fits your niche: If you have seen success with a specific program, look at some of their competitors because if you provide your audience with products in the same category, it will increase your chances of conversion. 
  2. Preferred by your target audience: Whatever you promote must be desired by your target audience. You must understand who your target audience is and do some research.
  3. Commission levels and earnings per click: Look for programs that can give you a good return. Study how much commission you can earn. Know that a high AOV with a low commission rate will get you more than a low AOV with a high commission rate.
  4. Upsells: Look for upsells because it offers a further way to increase commission. After the consumer has purchased a product, they are offered different products that are only available at the time of purchase. 

10 Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs: 2022

Here is a list of the best pay-per-call affiliate programs that can help you make a lot of profit.

1. Revimedia, now PX: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


With PX you can manage all your leads from one central platform and get the insights you need to get the biggest bang for your buck. With PX’s dynamic pricing features and powerful insights into which leads and sources are delivering, you only pay what the leads are worth. PX integrates with your systems to give you the data you need to measure lead performance from creation to close. You can refine and optimize your strategy so that each new lead is better than the last. 

2. ClickDealer: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


ClickDealer has the technical capacity and market expertise to find the most profitable destination for your traffic while making the route safe and efficient. Their team of experienced managers has answers to any optimization puzzles coming up in your marketing campaigns.

3. UseCallBox: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


This is a Pay-per-call marketplace where you can browse inbound call categories and start connecting with new customers today. It helps you increase revenue, track your ROI and grow your client base with real-time Pay-per-call inbound sales-ready leads. You can become a Trusted Publisher and allow Callbox’s proprietary Pay-per-call platform to earn you the highest payouts on the market. Their self-serve marketplace lets you easily create your pay-per-call campaigns, or discover campaigns you can promote. 

4. CJ: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


CJ Affiliate has a very famous affiliate program, where they offer stellar real-time reporting, which is known for their analytics being up-to-the-minute, which means that there is no need to refresh your page and you can monitor your activity. Here, you can select which advertisers’ products you wish to display and where. If you are a content-certified publisher, you can automatically content with more than 500 brands.  


5. RingPartner: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


Here, you gain instant access to hundreds of different campaigns in a variety of verticals and geolocations. Their campaigns range from nationwide, popular services to unique and hyper-local niches. Lead generation types include calls, clicks, and data leads. You can find the perfect offer for you and your traffic, get approved, and start generating leads. You will get paid for the qualified leads you generate. Payouts are defined in each campaign, and they encourage you to work closely with your Account Manager to ensure payouts are on target.

6. HyperTargetMarketing: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


They specialize in finding “Hyper-Targeted” customers and clients for your business and getting them to pick up the phone and call you. Their HyperTarget techniques ensure that only highly qualified leads come into the process and are sent. They do all the work for you, and you simply have to focus on closing more sales.

7. eLocal: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


eLocal is a fast-growing, 10-year-old performance-based advertising company, whose mission is to connect consumers with local businesses. With a specialization in the Home Services, Legal, Medical, Financial, and Insurance verticals, eLocal has been at the forefront of the changing advertising industry as one of the only media companies offering businesses of all sizes a performance-based pricing model to support new customer acquisition. 

8. ThinkCalls: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


ThinkCalls is dedicated to driving excellence in the Pay Per Call industry by working hand in hand with experts in the field to create a seamless process from the initial customer contact to the end sale. They have a relatively smaller but high-quality consumer base. 

9. MarketCall: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


This is a pay-per-call affiliate network that is built on in-house call tracking technology, in verticals that range from Insurance, Finance, Home Services, and Travel. They have various top offers, and they send out weekly payments. They have very unique high converting landing pages and everyone gets a dedicated personal manager.

10. OfferVault: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


OfferVault is the #1 Search Engine for Performance Marketers and the defacto source for Affiliates to find CPA Campaigns and Pay Per Call Offers. For a decade, they have partnered with the top companies in the affiliate industry to help them reach their target market, raise their brand profile and cement their place as leaders in performance marketing. Affiliates and publishers can search and compare thousands of offers from the top companies in the performance marketing space. 

11. Palo: Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs


Palo is a top-tier pay-per-call marketing company that has a huge number of corporate clients and enterprise-level clients. Palo is known to be a specialist in driving leads to law companies and legal consultants. It is a very big company and was founded in 2010 by a solo marketer, which is why they understand the difficulties of independent affiliate marketers. They are known for their timely payouts and great customer service.


Pay-per-call affiliate programs are quite cost-effective and allow affiliates to drive hundreds or thousands of leads with just simple ads or pieces of content. It helps get better results than pay-per-click advertising. In this, customers who generally make the call have more interest and it becomes easier for the sales rep to close the deal. For this reason, conversion rates are higher than pay-per-click strategies. Affiliates have a specific phone number for customers to use to connect with the business, which makes call tracks easy. Above, we have given a list of the best pay-per-call affiliate programs that will help you earn well.

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