20+ Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions: 2022

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways to earn money. Not only do people love the fact that they do not have to invest a lot of money, it makes them proud promoters of products and services that they truly love and use. It is very important to find good programs with good commissions. Here, we have combined all of the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions for you to consider. 

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commission?

Here are some things to consider when selecting the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions:

  1. Be your client: You must be selling what you already love. You must choose products that you believe in and try them. If there are products that you do not know anything about but fit your profiles, learn about them. 
  2. Fits your niche: If you have seen success with a specific program, look at some of their competitors because if you provide your audience with products in the same category, it will increase your chances of conversion. 
  3. Preferred by your target audience: Whatever you promote must be desired by your target audience. You must understand who your target audience is and do some research.
  4. Commission levels and earnings per click: Look for programs that can give you a good return. Study how much commission you can earn. Know that a high AOV with a low commission rate will get you more than a low AOV with a high commission rate. 
  5. Consider high-price products: Generally, people overlook high-price products because they believe it is harder to promote. However, if you believe in your product and know it solves a problem that a lot of people experience, you must go for the higher-ticket product.
  6. Upsells: Look for upsells because it offers a further way to increase commission. After the consumer has purchased a product, they are offered different products that are only available at the time of purchase. 

10 Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions: 2022

These are some of the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

1. Ezoic: Best Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions for Bloggers


The Ezoic Affiliate Program allows publishers to introduce Ezoic’s advanced, data-driven platform to other website owners. By sending referrals to Ezoic, affiliate members are entitled to a monthly commission based on the earnings of the referrals website. The most successful affiliates promote Ezoic through detailed reviews of Ezoic products, inside online communities, and via their websites.

2. Helium10: Best Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions for Amazon Consultants


Their affiliate program is like no other. They have dedicated Affiliate Managers who are here to help you get started, answer every one of your questions, and make sure you are fully equipped to be successful with their program. 

They provide a 25% monthly commission, and there is no cap on your earnings. They have monthly payouts and an epic incentive program, so you can reach affiliate tiers and get a luxury car that they have paid for. They provide their own referred link and make sure that you are credited when someone clicks on your link. 

3. SemRush: Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commission for Bloggers


Their affiliate program is brought forward by their partner, Impact Radius. Here, you can benefit from their best program yet with the last-click attribution and rewards every step of the way. The programs are based on revenue sharing, where the affiliate promotes Semrush in exchange for a commission on every sale or trial activation made through your promotions.

They will provide you with assets such as banners and landing pages. You can use their unique tracking links to promote Semrush or its tools and track your performance directly on Impact Radius.

4. LeadPages: Best Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions for Marketers


The Leadpages Affiliate Program is an opportunity to earn industry-leading commissions when you promote Leadpages and drive new signups. The program is open to all persons, whether or not you’re a Leadpages customer, and offers up to 50% recurring commissions on all sales you generate, including plan renewals and upgrades, and one-time purchases for as long as your referrals remain customers.

5. ConvertKit: Best Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


As a ConvertKit affiliate, you could be connecting people to their needs and being a natural promoter for your audience while also earning a recurring 30% commission for up to 24 months for every creator you send their way. To earn that sweet recurring commission, all you need to do is start sharing the custom link they send you in all the right places. They will hook you up with all the important resources like a training course, graphics to create your content, webinars, and a dashboard to track your progress. The more you promote ConvertKit to your audience, the greater the opportunity to earn more commissions.

6. GetResponse: Best Affiliate Programs with Recurring Commissions


They offer two kinds of affiliate programs. The first one is the Recurring Program where you get continuous commissions of 33% every month and the second is the Affiliate Bounty Program where you get an upfront commission of $100 per sale. They offer comprehensive Affiliate selling materials, content and guides, and real-time reporting. They also offer attractive and uncapped referred commissions with 120-day cookies. 

7. Elegant Themes: Best Affiliate Program for WordPress Bloggers


When you join their affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and text links that you can place on your website. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to their website and their activity will be tracked by their affiliate software. If they sign up, you get 50% of the sale.

They also pay out commissions on yearly renewals. This means that you will continue making money each year as customers pay their yearly renewal fees to continue using our amazing themes.

8. Live Chat: Best Affiliate Program for Marketers


Live Chat helps you get a competitive advantage by refining your message so it sounds even more appealing to your audience. They offer customized offers, so whether it’s a longer product trial or a discount code, your audience will love it. They provide all promotional materials like logos, banners, videos, and even tweets: everything you need to help you market their products efficiently. They help you improve your performance, and save time by integrating the Partner App with the tools you use. You can get your PayPal eCheck by simply requesting to withdraw money in your Partner App.

9. Shopify: Best Affiliate Program for Theme Developers


By becoming a Shopify Affiliate, you can grow your brand with Shopify, access exclusive opportunities, and earn a commission through our referral program. Content creators, course educators, influencers, and review sites are helping their audiences launch successful businesses on Shopify, while earning competitive referral commissions, and elevating themselves as leaders in the industry. They help you make the most referrals possible with resources to support your content development and assist your referral traffic’s conversion rate. They help get access to a library of global creative, ready-made education and lead magnets, and detailed performance insights through your dashboard.

10. Wishpond: Best Affiliate Program for Marketers


As part of Wishpond’s Affiliate Program, you’ll earn a recurring 30% commission for every customer that signs up for Wishpond through your unique referral link. As a website owner, blogger, or online marketing expert, you can make money showing marketers how to create, optimize and promote online marketing campaigns using Wishpond’s fully-integrated marketing suite. When they receive visitors through your affiliate link, they associate them with your affiliate account. When they purchase a subscription (either on that visit or on a subsequent one), you get a 30% commission. You get paid again every time the client’s subscription is renewed (monthly or annually).

11. Aweber: Best Email Marketing Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


Their advocate program has the highest potential payout structure in the industry. If you refer to 50 new paid accounts or more in a trailing 12-month period, you’ll earn 50% referral commissions. So, if you refer to 50 people and they each sign up for $19.99/month and continue paying, you’ll make $6,000/year just because they used your link. Your referral account comes with everything you need to efficiently spread the word and grow your income. You get easy-to-repost, persuasive content accessible from your referral account, and you can see how many people are visiting your referral link and how much money you make per visitor. You can share your referral link anywhere and know the instant you’ve made a sale.

12.SocialPilot: Best SMM Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


When you join their affiliate program, they will provide you with a variety of banners and links for use on your website and promotion on Social Media. When a visitor clicks on one of these links, they will reach their website. Their affiliate tool will track their activity and you will earn a commission based on their Subscription. You can enjoy a range of promo banners and text links to share anywhere on your website, blog, and Social Media. You will keep earning a 30% commission for every new paid subscription with them and you get a commission for every renewal.

13. InstaPage: Best Landing Page Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


They will give you a recurring 50% split on each new sale you refer. If you’ve created a webhook or script-based integration and want to feature it on our integrations page, you just have to fill out a form and they will contact you shortly. Their co-marketing partners collaborate on joint marketing efforts like blogs, ebooks, and webinars, to increase reach, cut costs, and maximize return on marketing spend.

14. Teachable: Best Elearning Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


By referring creators to Teachable, you can earn up to 30% commission. Their industry-leading partner program gives you recurring commissions with a 90-day cookie window. You’ll have the opportunity to earn higher commissions as you drive more conversions. Their members pay them monthly, which means they pay you monthly too. Once you refer a creator to them, you earn a recurring commission for as long as that creator is on Teachable.

You’ll be assigned a unique tracking code, accessible in their partner portal. It tracks all of Teachable.com, making it easy for you to earn a commission for referring creators on any page. Use your tracking links to segment referred traffic and monitor how different activity performs. You can analyze campaigns for any period by clicks, conversions, products, and more.

15. Thinkific: Best Elearning Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


By becoming a Thinkific Affiliate and sharing the love with your audience, you could earn up to $1700 per referral per year. If your audience consists of the following, then you’d be an ideal partner for Thinkific: DIY content creators who want to share their knowledge, entrepreneurs who want to share their expertise, or business owners who want to create online courses that cater to their customers.

Each time someone clicks on your unique PartnerStack link and subscribes to Thinkific for the first time, you’ll get the following benefits: 30% recurring commission on all monthly or annual paid plans for as long as the new subscriber pays for Thinkific, access to exclusive creative and promotional material created by Thinkific, and a 90 day cookie period.

16. SamCart: Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


You can earn up to $995 upfront for each new SamCart user you sign up for, and all your commissions are recurring year after year. You get their highest-converting assets, including videos, banners, images, and email copy designed to help you earn the most commission possible. Their commission fees are paid 45 days after the launch via PayPal if you work hard and use the high-converting assets we provide, even if your audience is small.

17. ClickMagick: Best Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


You get 100% commission on each referral’s first payment after the 14-day free trial, and then 35% each month after that for life. Their average user stays with ClickMagick for quite a long time, so this adds up pretty quickly. Also, you get paid daily with PayPal. Inside the Affiliate area, you can see all your stats and you can find marketing materials such as done-for-you banners.

18. PureVPN: Best VPN Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


Their yearly plan brings you a 40% flat commission every month, while their monthly plan offers you 100% commission. At PureVPN, the sky’s the limit. The better you perform, the better the rewards you get as our token of appreciation. You don’t have to wait for days for your payment to process. With PureVPN, your amount is transferred before you even start to miss it. You can set up more revenue streams with our two-tier program by referring more affiliates to join their affiliate program. Your dedicated account manager will provide you with attractive deals and coupons for better conversions.

19. Debutify: Best Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


You must join the best affiliate program in the industry and share Debutify with Shopify store owners. You can earn up to $536.40 for every user who signs up to a Debutify premium plan through your affiliate link. Using their 90-day Sales Attribution Cookie and easy-to-use Affiliate Dashboard, their affiliates can track their clicks, leads, referrals, payouts, and more. They provide affiliates with tested promotional materials. That includes sales copy, website banners, scripts, graphics, videos — and more. Their in-house customer support is there to answer any questions you may have 24/7.

20. Zonguru: Best Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions


At ZonGuru, you’ll get a dedicated support team and access to unlimited earning potential to make sure you keep growing. You will get added perks, a bonus of up to $2,000 per month to grow your unlimited earning potential. They provide exclusive marketing materials and a dedicated support team to ensure you influence more customers. They also provide a 45-day cookie time frame to account for each customer long after they click your link. They provide real-time statistics and insights to easily keep track of your conversions. You also get paid consistently each month on a Net 30 payment model.

These were some of the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions that you, as an affiliate can rely on. They will not only provide you with good money but also give you quite a lot of exposure.

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