Viral Loops Review: Best Viral and Referral Marketing Solution for eCommerce

Viral marketing describes the technique and natural process in which internet users effectively market a product or a brand on behalf of the business by sharing information about it which is extremely relevant or catchy in the form of a post, video a comment, a campaign or any form of online media. Successful viral marketing campaigns are often extremely cost-effective and can push an online business into prominence. Successful viral marketers focus on the psychology of their target audiences rather than selling the product to them. Having the knowledge of why people share information online, is more valuable than trying to convince them to buy a product. It’s also important to have an understanding of when, how and why users are communicating with each other. So overall the ROI of viral marketing is one of the best. And the opportunities keep on increasing as you increase your user base.

How Viral Marketing Works for Ecommerce?

One of the biggest challenges that any e-commerce brand faces is acquiring new customers. Acquiring new customers involves an initial acquisition cost while retaining an already acquired customer is less cost-intensive. Returning customers provide more feedback, are more likely to explore the brand and try out new products, and they also give word of mouth publicity. Thus retention marketing strategies increase CLV that ultimately increases the net profit of a company and enables it to scale up. This is where Viral Marketing comes in as it enables brands to organically get new customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns. In order to succeed at viral marketing, one needs to keep the following points in mind.

  • Understanding your target audience- The first step starts with understanding your e-commerce business model and your target audience. It’s all about psychology. You need to understand why potential customers will want to share your content to others on social media, what kind of content would inspire them the most. You should understand not only why they’ll want to share your content but also how and where they will do it.
  • Keep track and make use of Current/Societal Discussions – One of the best ways to outrun your competition with your content marketing strategy is to use already existing group discussions regarding trending topics to your advantage. Since people are already talking about it all you need to do is to bring either a new, interesting, or strong perspective to the topic, the already existing and passionate audience will then start sharing your views and your post giving their own comments on it and asking others to go through it and give their thoughts.
  • Add a good sense of humour – Some of the most shared content from ecommerce stores are funny posts images, GIFs, and videos. If you want to go viral, you can show the value of your product and infuse humor by showing a funny side at the same time. If a content is funny, people not only share it but also remember it for a long time. Many brands are getting a buzz from this funny angle.
  • Invoke a Strong sense of Emotion – Connecting with the emotion of your target audience is a key for viral marketing campaign success. People are more likely to share the content that brings out a strong emotional feeling whether it made them angry, cry or just happy.
  • Give An Incentive In Your Products And Product Pages – According to a survey, product pages are the most important pages in any ecommerce site design. These pages are especially important in your viral marketing campaign. One of the best ways to use them is to reward & engage visitors with a gift or a benefit that is only accessible when they share your product on social media platforms. It works the best if you push it as a pop-up when they add a product to their cart, during the checkout process or even when they are just sitting idle. Alternatively, you can place a small leaflet inside the product package for your customers to find after they have received the product.
  • Create Content For Topics With High Search Demand – The most vital part of your e-commerce marketing strategy is content, but going viral doesn’t only mean you make use of social media networks. Your blog post can make people notice you as well. If your ultimate goal is just to be noticed, then you have two options, you can go the lazy route and share any content online, keep doing it and hope that one of them catches the viral fever. But, if you’re seriously thinking of long-term relevance. Increasing your website traffic, and ultimately increasing product sales, then:
    • Look for keywords with both buyer intent and search demand
    • Reach out to Influencers, bloggers and other high domain websites for product promotion by giving them incentives like any affiliate marketing.
    • Allowing guest post on your website.
    • Design your website such that reading the content and sharing it on popular social media platforms is really easy. Place share buttons at the side or top of the content.
  • Use Comments To Create Content and continue a conversation – Most people get excited when they are featured, or their ideas are used to create marketing material. You can just randomly name a user in your video or post or comment. This will make them feel privileged and in that excitement, not only will they share your content but also others viewing their content wanting to be featured as well, will also push in what they have and call on more people thus, getting viral e-commerce success.

Viral Loops Review: Product Features

Viral Loops is a viral and referral marketing platform which is template-based and is aimed at helping brands acquire more customers through organic word of mouth sales. All the campaign templates are inspired by the most successful referral programs from companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, etc. Businesses can build referral programs, viral sweepstakes, prelaunch campaigns, and competitions, which can be integrated into any website or mobile app within minutes through their code snippet, eCommerce plugins or API.

  • Referral Links – Create and run efficient viral and referral campaigns in a few clicks. Creating, implementing and running a referral campaign using Viral Loops is simple and can be done instantly
  • Easy sharing – Viral Loops give you the ability to invite friends and share easily.
  • Detailed Tracking – Check the total number of your participants and the expiration period of your campaigns just in a glimpse in their overview page.
  • Easily manageable – Easily Manage, Edit and View the progress of your live campaigns which can also be saved as a draft.
  • Analytics Built For Marketers – A more detailed view of your campaign’s progress can be obtained. Monitor your campaign’s best performing channels and view your performance over time which they also display in ratios.
  • Insights of Participants – A long list of your leads can be seen where the engagement of each one of them is displayed and ready to be exported.

Use of Viral Loops Across Industry Segments

Use of Viral loops can be found in various online industry segments, including SaaS, e-commerce, Online Travel, edtech, food tech, hospitality etc.

Viral Loops Pricing Plans

Viral Loops has three different plans depending on how long you sign up for (rolling monthly plan, pay every six months, or the annual plan). The Growing Plan and Power Plan are designed for seasoned brands and enterprises with experience running referral marketing campaigns.

  • Start-up Plan at $49 a month up to 1000 participants
  • Growing Plan at $99 a month for 3,000 participants and an extra $20 per month for every 2,000 additional participants
  • Power Plan at $208 a month for 25,000 participants and custom price for additional participants

There is a 14-day trial period available in which you can try out all the features and decided if this tool works for you

Viral Loops Review: Dashboard Overview

The dashboard at Viral Loops is really very very well designed and is easy to use, and more often than not you are likely to find what you are looking for is not more than 2-3 clicks away. The UX has been carefully made such that each feature or function is found exactly where you would expect them to be. The vast customization options and the effortless creations of highly targeted campaigns will surely make you feel that you have taken the right choice. The advanced analytic features and the advanced graphical reports will help you to easily analyze your existing campaigns and optimize them even further.

Viral Loops Review: Signup Process

The signup process here is kind of like a Wizard-like interface where you seamlessly arrive at the Viral Loops dashboard. The first step is a basic form that asks you to key in your name, work email (although personal emails work) and choose a password. Alternatively you can log in through your shopify account. Once you complete this step. The next step is basically a survey form that is aimed at learning more from you about your requirements, your organization and where you came to know about Viral Loops. The next step would ask you about your primary focus with Viral Loops and then gradually you will get to your dashboard by answering a few more questions aimed at customizing your experience. The interface is highly focussed on making you choose a template and quickly get on with the campaign. Before you know it you will be in the dashboard already working on your first campaign. There is no prompt of a requirement of your credit card or to make you choose a plan. You will be able to experience the entire process of making a campaign from scratch.

Viral Loops Review: USPs, Pro Tip, and Advantages

Viral Loops allows users to run product launch viral giveaways, and referral programs, campaigns. This software is packed with customized templates for specific types of campaigns. Each of the templates comes with a feature called “Viral Boost”, which allows users to invite their friends to the campaigns. You can customize the templates through the landing page editor. To help you make the most out of the platform Viral Loops has a range of third-party integrations.

The user interface is nicely thought out. It has ready-made campaigns which is really handy. Moreover, individual templates are really simple to edit. You can track the performance of your live campaigns through the analytics dashboard. This analytical information will help you identify your best-performing channels and focus your marketing efforts.

Overall, Viral Loops is an easy-to-use tool. It’s a great platform for marketers who are looking to use proven techniques and grow their audience and email list. If there’s one downside of ViralLoops, it would be the limited number of available templates. It would be nice to have more templates to choose from, even though most users would only need and use one to be successful.

Viral Loops Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Deals

Viral Loops Alternatives and Competitors List

Here is a list of referral marketing platforms that reviewers voted best overall compared to Viral Loops. Just perform a basic online search yourself and check reviews from current and previous users of these products, and find the one that best fits your needs.

  • InviteReferrals
  • Post Affiliate Pro
  • Influitive
  • Refersion
  • Referral hero
  • GrowSurf
  • Referrizer
  • ShareSomeFriends
  • ReferralMagic
  • InviteBox
  • Hello Referrals
  • ReferralMD
  • Referral Key
  • PartnerStack


Yes, we do realize that when you decide to buy a Viral Marketing Software it’s important for you to not only to see how industry experts are evaluating it in their review blogs and videos but also to be on a lookout if real people in the market and other companies that deal in these kinds of products are actually satisfied with it or not, what is their perception on Viral Loops.

All that said and done, If you want to create a viral or referral marketing campaign with an intention of increasing your organic brand recall and overall brand presence in addition to increasing your conversions without burning a hole in your pocket, then you will find that Viral Loops is exactly what you need. Especially if you want to quickly create and deploy multiple campaigns, without paying a lot of money to a third party referral marketing agency. You can do a lot at a fraction of the cost and with similar if not more ROI, all this at the convenience of sitting at your office desk with a few clicks. With all this information at hand, you should be fairly educated to make an informed buying decision that you possibly won’t regret.

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