Unbounce Review: Best Landing Page Builder for Lead Generation 2022

In the last few decades, there has been an unimaginable development in the field of science & technology. Faster, more affordable internet & computing devices have changed the world’s economics. Everyone is now on the internet be it for buying groceries, movie tickets, apparel, appliances or even for finding their life partners or just for talking to a friend. Everything imaginable is available on the internet & there has been an explosion of websites & e-commerce platforms offering a range of products & services. It has come to a point that there is often a thin line separating two products & businesses have resorted to competitive pricing & marketing strategies to attract visitors who would otherwise move to their competitors. But the ultimate goal is not the number of visitors visiting your website, it is, the number of purchases or the conversions from visitors to customers. 

Why You Need a Landing Page Builder

Most often it is seen that the visitors that are coming to your website are leaving without purchasing anything. So much so that a conversion rate of 1% is seen as an excellent number. This is due to the fact that most of the internet users are casual browsers or people who are not at all your target audience. Like window shoppers exist, & people go to the mall to just spend time & not buy anything, casual internet browsers will always be there & you cannot do anything about that. But what needs to be done is to increase the number of relevant users visiting your website & doing your best so that they end up purchasing something.

Proper SEO or relevant audience targeting will ensure the inflow of your target audience, those with a high probability to convert. Now it is on you to ensure the conversions & increasing your conversion rates. The first & foremost thing in this process would be to improve your landing page, that is the page where the users are coming after clicking a link in the search results or your Advertisements, so as to reduce bounce rate, which is the percentage of your users who would just close the website without even going through much of it. People would do this for various reasons like : 

  • They are not your target audience
  • They did not like what you have to offer
  • They did not have much time & you were not able to convince them within that short time period.
  • They did not understand your offering
  • You were not able to catch their attention

These highlighted points can be simply solved by improving your landing page itself. But it is a very complicated process & involves a lot of variables. Additionally, the costs involved can be quite high when it comes to engaging a team of developers to make these changes, not to mention the testing & trial & error processes it will take to fine-tune the thing. This is where tools such as Unbounce come into the picture, as they let you do all that with ease & at a fraction of the cost & the hassles it would otherwise take.

Unbounce Review: List of Products

Unbounce is a popular landing page building platform that enables users to create & publish their own landing pages in order to make the conversions from the traffic easier & faster. Although primarily known for its landing pages, Unbounce has a lot of other useful products & services as well.

Landing Pages 

Reduce your bounce rate with beautifully designed landing pages, increase time on site, user engagement & get more leads as well as conversions.

  • Everyone can drag & drop – Create stunning landing pages for desktop & mobile, without needing to code. Just simply drag & drop
  • 100+ quick-to-use templates – Choose from a variety of high-converting templates matching your aesthetic & lead conversion goals.
  • Publish fast, to your own domain – A quick & easy process to publish straight to your WordPress site, or to your business’s custom domain.
  • Get the look you need – You can match your website & your brand right down to your signature typeface, build anything you need with pixel-perfect precision.
  • Add custom functionality – You can supercharge any page with all the custom HTML, JavaScript, & CSS you like.
  • Mobile-friendly – Mobile friendly version allows for better conversions as most of the internet is now on mobile devices. This also drastically improves your SEO as it increases customer engagement.
  • Pass leads into 1000+ marketing tools – You can send your leads to almost any marketing automation or CRM tool out there. 
  • Use free high resolution images – Choose from over 850,000 professional, copyright-free images to add to your page.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) – You can swap out pieces of text to match the search terms a visitor used to get to your page. This increases relevancy & conversion rates
  • A/B Testing – Make a copy of your page, tweak it, & split traffic across your two variants to find the highest-converting version

Pop-ups & Sticky Bars

Most visitors to your website are there just to casually browse & not to make a purchase. With popups & sticky bars, you can present exciting & relevant offers & gently push more visitors to convert.

  • Launch easily in Minutes – Create new popups by dragging & dropping elements together, publish on your website in a few easy clicks. Customize with your company’s images, Logos & fonts in minutes using the drag-&-drop builder. Drop a single snippet of code onto your website once, & you’ll be able to publish new popups & sticky bars, without the need of a developer team.
  • Advanced targeting options – You can choose exactly who sees your popups, trigger when they appear, & dynamically swap in keywords based on visitors’ search terms. Show or hide offers based on the location of your website visitors, their past behaviors (cookie targeting), or their referral source (like social, paid, or organic). Decide how often visitors see a promotion, whether that’s once per visitor, every second visit, return visits only, etc. Choose the perfect moment for offers to appear as visitors explore a page. This can be upon arrival, after a delay, during scroll, after a click, or as someone’s leaving.
  • Push new offers & promotions – Use your popups for lead gen, coupon codes, limited-time deals, product announcements, etc. Schedule seasonal campaigns that run automatically even if you are sleeping, to ensure that you’re always showing your most relevant promotions.
  • A/B testing – Continually experiment with different messages & offers to see which one converts best.
  • Mobile-friendly – Mobile friendly version allows for better conversions as most of the internet is now on mobile devices. This also drastically improves your SEO as it increases customer engagement.

Data Integration 

If you are looking for integration with a CRM or a marketing or analytical platform or a data pipeline or a warehouse. Unbounce has a plethora of options for you from Facebook, Leadsquared, Salesforce, Adwords, Google Analytics, Zoho to  Zendesk, Slack, Hotjar, Mailchimp, etc. There are simple integration facilities to make your everyday life easier such as Gmail, Google Sheets, MS Excel, etc.

Product Security & Reliability

Every business needs to be 100% confident that their business data is safe & the customers’ privacy is protected as well. Unbounce caters to your security & performance very effectively & efficiently with industry-leading safety features & protocols. Some of them can be listed as follows : 

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • Password security
  • Auto-session timeouts
  • Domain protection
  • User permissions
  • Version control
  • Audience activity Log Audits

GDPR Compliance – Unbounce has been GDPR compliant since its inception on May 25, 2018, with proper processes & documentation in place.

SSL Certificates – All Unbounce landing pages come with an SSL certificate for advanced web security, it is indicated by the presence of “HTTPS” with a padlock next to the URL.

Enterprise-level Reliability – Worldwide server distribution & 99.96% Uptime, Five data centers worldwide, Lightning-fast load times, Extended customer support.

Unbounce Review: Product Features

To ensure top-quality performance, Unbounce provides users with a multitude of features which can be listed as:

  • Drag & drop every element
  • Choose from 100+ templates
  • Clone & edit entire pages
  • Copy & paste between pages
  • Add custom scripts & pixels
  • Script Manager
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Mobile Layout Assistant
  • Customize mobile pages
  • Publish to your domain
  • Publish to WordPress
  • Match your branding theme
  • Enjoy complete design control
  • Built-in Google Fonts
  • Themeforest marketplace
  • Auto Image Optimizer
  • SVG images
  • Embed videos anywhere
  • Add video backgrounds
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Add lightboxes to your page
  • Lead-gen form builder
  • Custom thank you message
  • Two-step opt-in forms
  • Custom form redirect
  • Gated content
  • Speedy page loading
  • I.P Filters
  • Campaign Grouping
  • Account Transferring
  • Multiple Client Management
  • Unlimited A/B Testing
  • Real-Time Data Dashboard
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • Confirmation Pages
  • Minimum of 75 Published Landing Pages Per Month
  • Minimum of 8 Published Popups & Sticky Bars
  • Access to More than 100 Landing Page Templates
  • Unlimited Users & Domains
  • Dynamic Text Replacement (This helps with PPC)
  • GDPR Compliance
  • SSL Encryption
  • Stock Photo Library from Unsplash
  • Mobile Optimized Landing Pages
  • Mobile Responsive Templates
  • Blank Pages
  • Widgets
  • Full-Screen Backgrounds

Use of Unbounce Across Industry Segments

Unbounce is mostly used in the following domains. 

As an E-commerce company you can :

Show off your products with slick design

Customize each page with ecommerce features

Capture emails to remarket to shoppers

Automatically match text to search intent

Make promotions stand out with sticky bars

Outpace short attention spans with lightning-fast pages

Get a head start with 100+ templates

Validate new product ideas quickly

As a digital marketing agency you can :

  • Send clients leads in real time
  • Stay organized with sub-accounts
  • Set different client permissions
  • Earn revenue as an agency partner
  • Add to your services

As a SaaS Company you can :

  • Eliminate developer bottlenecks
  • Show your software in the best light
  • Find a template for every campaign
  • Connect your favorite sales tools
  • Make your forms more powerful
  • Boost your pages’ relevance
  • Validate ideas fast
  • Learn what’s working, & why

Unbounce Pricing Plans

Unbounce has 3 subscription plans ranging from $99 to $499 per month. The main differences between the three plans are the number of landing page allocations per month, third-party app integrations & dedicated customer service options. You get a discount of 20% if you opt for the annual plan. & the plans come with a 14-day trial period.

Unbounce Review: Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is quite easy to use, more often than not you will find whatever you are looking for is not more than 2-3 clicks away. & the experience is such that everything is located where you would expect them to be. The templates & customizations & the effortless creations of sticky bars, popups & landing pages will surely make you feel that you have made the right choice. The advanced analytic features & the clear reporting & the ease of developing & maintaining your projects is simply worth it.

Unbounce Review: Signup Process

The signup process for Unbounce is really simple, easy & convenient. You start with the 14-day trial plan by default. The first step is where you put in your basic account information, like your Name, Email & choose a password. Alternatively, you can fast track this step by signing up with Google, it will simply pull out your details from your google account & take you to the billing info section.

Here you provide your Billing information like Name, Address, Zip Code, Phone number, Company name, etc. & then you need to put in a payment method without which you cannot proceed. Payment methods would be either PayPal or a credit card. The next step you verify your email address & you are good to go. 

How it works is like, you would get into the paid subscription plan as you choose, only you will be charged the fee after 14 days if you do not close the account or unsubscribe it before that time. 

Unbounce Review: USPs & Advantages

Five different data centers in different parts of the world ensure that speed is never compromised upon, Unbounce assures high page load times & 99.99% uptime.. 13,000 marketers have been using Unbounce services because of such high efficiency. For managing your clients & customers, Unbounce enables you to do multiple client management through a single account. So that you can organize leads for your clients as well. Users love Unbounce because of 

  • Ease Of Use, Customer Service
  • Cool design. nice API. pop up, sticky bar.
  • Easiest drag-&-drop page builder on the market

Unbounce Coupon Codes, Discounts, & Deals

The following are the best deals we could find for unbounce.com.  You can check them out at offers.com, just go through the links & you won’t need to put in any coupon code

  • New Business & Entrepreneurs Subscription Now: $49/Month
  • 20% off 3-Month Subscription for New Customers

Unbounce Alternatives & Competitors List

Here is a list of Landing Page Builders that reviewers voted best overall compared to Unbounce. Just perform a basic online search & check reviews from current & previous users of these products, & find the best fit for your needs.

  • ClickFunnels
  • InstaPage
  • LeadPages
  • Sleeknote
  • Thrive Architect
  • OptimizePress
  • Sumo
  • MizoAI


If you are looking to create landing pages that would reduce your bounce rates & increase conversions, then you will find that Unbounce is exactly what you need. That’s especially if you want to quickly create & deploy multiple landing pages.

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